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Dr. Rajesh Kumar from the Global Strategic Advisory highlights the importance of cross-cultural interactions which has increased as businesses and managers seek opportunities in an overseas market.

Leadership Beyond Borders

Cultural forces are always at play in today’s Global Economy. Although effective management of cultural differences is not necessarily a guarantee of business success, understanding and deepening one’s knowledge of the other culture is vital to the success of any venture. Culture influences communication, decision-making, negotiation, resolution of conflicts, the management of cross-national alliances and diverse teams. Without understanding the impact culture plays in any business transaction. Without knowledge of the other culture you are dealing with, it may be difficult to pinpoint what specific aspect of culture might be impacting your relationship. In this episode, we speak with an expert in doing business across different cultures. Dr Rajesh Kumar, helps people and companies understand how understanding cultural differences can promote business success


We live in a very global world where borders no longer hinder how far you can reach. Today, companies are expanding across the oceans, making it a task for leaders in this global landscape to learn how to manage a diverse environment. In this People Strategy Forum episode, we are joined by Dr. Rajesh Kumar—an international business consultant who, having lived in many parts of the globe, has developed a deep appreciation and awareness of the importance of the cross-cultural dimension and how it impacts strategy implementation. He shares with us how to do business globally, work through cultural differences, and develop cross-cultural skills as a leader. Follow along to this exciting conversation as Dr. Kumar shares tips on building lasting relationships, onboarding in different locations, resolving conflicts, and providing feedback.

Dr Kumar on ticer news

PeopleFirst! with Morag Barrett

If you’re working internationally and looking to develop your cross-cultural competence then this is the episode for you. Join me and my guest Dr. Kumar, an expert in International Business Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management.

Come Rain or Shine with Dan Cockerell

On this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Dr. Rajesh Kumar joins the show to discuss his journey to founding Global Strategic Advisory.

As an international business consultant, Dr. Kumar has utilized multiple degrees across multiple continents. Having earned a Ph.D. degree in International Business from New York University, an MBA from Rutgers University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi, Dr. Kumar is passionate about international cultural awareness, especially in economics, business strategy, and management.

Build a Vibrant Culture with Nicole Greer

Business is more international than ever…

Meaning that leaders NEED to work cross-culturally.

But what does it take to build trust across cultures that have different ways of doing business?

Dr. Rajesh Kumar is the CEO and Founder of Global Strategic Advisory, where he helps international brands navigate cross-cultural differences and avoid billion-dollar mistakes.

In this episode, he’ll discuss the ins and outs of cross-cultural negotiations and how leaders can cultivate a global mindset.

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Human Capital Innovations Podcast

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Dr. Rajesh Kumar about how a lack of understanding of the national culture impacts a company’s global performance. See the video here: https://youtu.be/JftNVIQyU8c.

Authentic Change

In order for companies to successfully work in other countries, they need to truly want to dedicate their time and effort to embracing diversity and building relationships. Without strong relationships, it will not be possible to create long term success. Dr. Kumar explains that Americans have a more short term, project-to-project type mentality. Whereas in Asian cultures, the focus is on relationship building and long term goals. To truly have a multicultural business, leaders must be willing to change their mindsets and show respect for cultural differences.

The Business of Intuition

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Dr. Rajesh Kumar discuss:

  • How your culture defines you
  • Immersing yourself in a culture
  • Giving value to both the process and the result
  • The limits of social media interaction


Dr Kumar on ticer news

Rise | Evolve Leadership

We discussed inclusivity in the workplace, leadership mistakes, and the importance of cross-cultural skills with the CEO of Global Strategic Advisory, Dr. Kumar. Hear his views on how leaders should communicate and what companies can do to expand their cross-cultural knowledge.

Inspired Energy

Episode 113 – Dr Rajesh Kumar | Cross-Cultural Competence

Japan Expert Insights Podcast


Dr Kumar on ticer news

The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

Rajesh shares his experiences from growing up in India and the challenges he faced when he moved to England as a young man. Then he talks about the drastically different cuture he experienced when he moved to the United States. He also spent time living in Denmark, where experienced additional challenges with the homogenous society there.

Drawing from his vast and varied background, Rajesh shares what he learned and how, regardless of your job within an organization, you can become stronger and more effective.

The Workplace Communication Podcast

Succeeding in a global business environment isn’t as easy as one might think. It’s not as straightforward as knowing that there’s a market for your product or service.

Global expansion requires building strategic partnerships, having negotiation skills that respect cultural boundaries and knowing how to build and maintain trust with employees and customers from multicultural backgrounds.

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